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Skyways Commuter Airline

Skyways Commuter Airline

Skyways Commuter Airline formed in the early 70’s? to roughly 1984, based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They operated Beech 99’s and Swearingen Metro II’s —


Dave Brubeck, Jazz Impressions of Eurasia

Dave Brubeck – Jazz Impressions of Eurasia

Jazz Impressions of Eurasia 12″, Released on Columbia Records, 1958. The album cover showed Dave being adorned by several Pan Am flight bags and the tail end of a Pan Am Boeing Stratocruiser.

1 Nomad
2 Brandenburg Gate
3 The Golden Horn
4 Thank You (Dziekuje)
5 Marble Arch
6 Calcutta Blues

Pan Am Boeing Stratocruiser


Cathay Pacific Airlines L-1011 (+VIDEOS)

Cathay Pacific Airlines L-1011

Cathay flew the Lockheed TriStar from the mid-1970’s up until 1997 and was the largest operator of the L-1011 outside of the United States.

Air Malta Promotional Campaign, 1970’s

Air Malta Promotional Campaign, 1970’s

The airline of the Maltese Islands founded in 1973. Air Malta started operations, with 2 leased Boeing 720Bs that served Rome, Tripoli, London, Manchester, Frankfurt, and Paris from Malta. It later bought 3 more Boeing 720Bs and bought the original two.  In 1981, 3 Boeing 737–200 were wet leased, which were so successful that in 1983, 3 new fully owned Boeing 737-200 were delivered. In 1986, Air Malta bought 3 new Boeing 737-200, and in 1987 ordered its first Airbus A320 –

Jet America

Jet America

Jet America Airlines was an airline headed by executives from AirCal and Air Florida that operated domestic flights in the United States. It was headquartered near Long Beach, CA.  The airline began operating on November 16, 1981, with a flight from its base at Long Beach Airport to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Jet America’s fleet consisted of the Douglas DC-9 Super 80 and Boeing 707’s.  October 1, 1987, Jet America merged into Alaska Airlines –


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