Classic Air Pacific Fiji

Air Pacific was founded in 1947 as Katafaga Estates Ltd. and was renamed Fiji Airways when it commenced operations Sept 1951. By 1968, the airlines shares were held by Air New Zealand, Qantas and B.O.A.C. along with a few local Governments from neighboring islands, and it was at this time the airline was renamed to Air Pacific, Fiji.

The McDonnel Douglas DC-10 joined Air Pacific in 1983 and the Boeing 747 in 1985 leased by Qantas

Air Pacific DC-10-10 "N821L" is seen here at gate at Los Angeles, 1980's -- Didier Pinçon
Air Pacific DC-10 Honolulu Hawaii International Airport (june84) -- Michael Prophet

Air Pacific 🌺🌴 shows for the first time B737 “DQ-FDM” wearing the airline’s new livery, May 16th, 1983 — Air Pacific/Nadi international airport

Cockpit view of Air Pacific 737-200 "DQ-FDM" while preparing to land on runway 03 at Nadi international airport --

May 1st 1993 was the end of the leased for B747 “VH-EBB”. So the airliner left the fleet and was immediately replaced buy a new long haul airliner. But this time, the B747 was an Air New Zealand B747-200, registered “ZK-NZY”. Another info; the title Air Pacific was modified and modernized. During its period with Air Pacific, this B747 will keep its New-Zealand registration — Air Pacific/Nadi international airport — Didier Pinçon

An air to air view of the second ATR-42 "DQ-FEQ" -- Air Pacific/Nadi international airport
Here are passengers Boarding during a stopover in Labasa airport for "DQ-FEQ", same airplane as posted previously (ATR-42) -- Air Pacific/Nadi international airport

ATR42 Flight

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