Air Siam

Air Siam was an airline based in Thailand, beginning operations in 1965 as a freight carrier to Hong Kong. With the help from Overseas National Airways (ONA), Air Siam began scheduled service in 1971 with a Douglas DC-8 and scheduling service help from TWA. At the time, Air Siam was also the 2nd largest operator, after Air France, for the new Airbus A300 wide-body jet. For their Bangkok–Los Angeles route, Air Siam leased a B747-100 from Aer Lingus and in 1974 Air Siam purchased a single new Douglas DC-10-30. Air Siam ceased operations in 1976 due to government complications

B747-100 Leased from Aer Lingus
Air Siam Passenger Ticket
Air Siam's Thai Stewardess during 70s -- Nattachai Charusilawong
Air Siam 707-131, its pilots and colourful stewardesses

Air Siam DC-10-30
Air Siam DC-10-30 at Kai-Tak mid 1970s

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Air Siam Airbus A300 landing at Kai-Tak December 1974 -- Christian Volpati

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