Classic Airline Slogans -- Know Your Airline Tag Lines?

Airline tag lines have been around since the beginning of air travel. A powerful catchphrase or slogan, especially as used in advertising which serves to clarify a thought for dramatic effect leaving the reader or listener to wonder in a dream-like state 😛  Test your knowledge of these classic, notable– worldwide airline tag-lines and slogans.

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#1. the Pacific's Number 1

#2. You'll like our style

#3. Excellence in Flight!

#4. A Great Way to Fly!

It appears Malaysia-Singapore Airlines were the first to use this slogan, also used by Delta

#5. Fly the Friendly Skies

#6. Catch Our Smile!

#7. We really move our tail for you

#8. We'll take more care of you.

#9. the Up-And-Coming Airline

#10. Top Banana in the West!

#11. Doing What We Do Best

#12. You're Going To Like Us

#13. You’ll love the way we fly.

#14. The o-o-only way to fly!

#15. Arrive in Better Shape

#16. the Wings of Man!

#17. The World's Most Experienced Airline

#18. Watch us Shine

#19. The low fare airline.

#20. Something Special in the Air

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