Airline Paper Airplanes

Airline Paper Airplane for North American U.S. Letter Size and A4 printer paper. Download any of the free-sample airlines below and get flying!

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Airlines Include: Aeromexico, Air Siam, Australian Airlines, BCAL, Canadian Airlines, Continental, Eastern, Iberia, Mexicana, Pan Am, Swissair, TWA, USAir, Varig

Flying Tips: For long distance flight, make certain to cut slits on the sides of the flaps and lightly bend them up. Both flaps need to be bent the same amount, or, your plane will turn. If you bend them up to high, your plane will climb as soon as you throw it. Adjust accordingly.

Printing Tips: Make sure the paper is properly aligned in your printer’s paper tray.

When printing from Adobe Reader, make sure that “None” is selected for page scaling. Scaling the page to your printer margins will distort the fold lines on the template and cause your model to come out wrong. Also make sure that “Auto-Rotate and Center” is NOT selected. Adjust your printer settings accordingly to get the best possible print layout.

U.S. Letter Size  8.5" x 11" Here ↓

A4 8.3" x 11.7" Here ↓

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