How well do you know Airplane!?

One of the most iconic comedies from 1980 was this gem– taking place over the skies of Macho Grande!.. or, was that Chicago? Don’t call me Shirley!

Take this quiz and share your score with your friends! Difficulty Level: EASY


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#1. Does Airplane! feature real airlines throughout the film?

#2. Which real airport was Airplane! filmed at?

#3. Which 4-engine airplane type are they flying on?

#4. Is a Pan Am 747 seen in the movie?

#5. What did the Doctor have for dinner?

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#6. Who picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue?

#7. What’s the boy’s name that goes up to the cockpit?

#8. What other movies influenced Airplane!?

#9. Jim never has a 2nd cup at home. Which coffee brand is used as a skit?

#10. Who is the first pilot to succumb to the food poisoning?

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