Alaska Airlines in the 1980s

Alaska Airlines primarily flew the Boeing 727 in the same branding and colors throughout the 1980s

Alaska Airlines Ticket Jacket, 1980's
Alaska Airlines Boeing 727-100 at Sea-TAC, Aug 1980 -- Ron Monroe
Seahawk 1 was unveiled in 1984 as the teams official airline

Luggage ID Sticker Decal
Luggage ID Sticker Decal
Alaska Airlines B727 Landing at LAX 1980s
Alaska Airlines B727 Landing at LAX 1980s
Christmas Eve 1987, flight AS67 through Southeast Alaska from Seattle to Anchorage, with stops in Ketchikan, Sitka & Juneau. Janet, Debbie & Sonja -- Janet Bartholomew
Newspaper Clipping from the mid-late 80's
a Seahawk cheer for the B727

Alaska Fest Stir Stick
Alaska Airlines Stir Stick
Alaska Airlines on-board Playing Cards through the 1980's - Janet Bartholomew

Alaska was the launch customer for the MD-83 in 1985

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