Allegheny Airlines through the 60s and 70s

Allegheny operated out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, from 1939 to 1979. They joined the new jet-age in 1966 with a  McDonnell Douglas DC-9. In 1968, Allegheny absorbed Lake Central Airlines then Mohawk Airlines in 1972 making it the largest airline in the northeastern United States. In 1975 Allegheny slowly introduced new branding which wasn’t fully adorned by all it’s aircraft until 1979 when a slew of changes were happening in the industry with deregulation and with Allegheny itself as they fully rebranded then renamed as USAir. USAir merged with American Airlines in 2015

Photo taken on board Flight 3 on the ground at ERI. This was on one of Allegheny's newly-acquired Boeing 727-100's - September 1978 -- Marc Y. Chenevert (this was also a former United plane)

Allegheny Grows into USAir

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