B747 Upper Deck Lounge Trivia -- Know Your Upper Decks?

The Queen of the Sky is one of the most iconic commercial airliners of all time, with its large size and forward hump that accommodates both crews and passengers. In its beginnings, the upper deck was comfortably adorned with relaxed lounge atmospheres. Lounges varied in style from plane-to-plane. Do you remember or retain the layouts and designs of their styles?

Take this quiz and find out. Share your score with your friends! Difficulty Level: VERY DIFFICULT. Take your time. Answers are revealed immediately. No timer here. Have fun. Good Luck!


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Nice try Coach Cabin Passenger! Try Again…

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#1. This busy lounge look inviting! Whos lounge was this?

#2. This cozy looking lounge is very colorful and adorned by which airline?

#3. This majestic upper deck lounge was found with which airline?

#4. Orange was very popular in the 1970s. Whos groovy upper deck was this?

#5. Simple clean and sophisticated. Whos upper deck lounge is this?

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#6. This cozy comfortable lounge was by which airline?

#7. Which airline adorned this classy, simple, stylish upper deck?

#8. These casual earthtones are calming and relaxing. Which airline?

#9. Clean, simple and futuristic. Which airline did this?

#10. Did we mention that orange was popular in the 1970s? Here’s another groovy lounge. By which airline?

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#11. This stretched classy upper deck belonged to which airline?

#12. Which airline adorned this classy, simple, stylish upper deck?

#13. This upper deck lounge and bar takes us right back to the 1970s. Which airline?

#14. This classy sophisticated look was by which airline?

#15. These colors scream Groovy and the design Futuristic! Which airline did this?

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