Bonanza Air Lines

The airline of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bonanza Air Lines started in 1945 with scheduled flights in a single-engine Cessna. They flew routes within Nevada State when in 1951, their newly acquired DC-3 offered service to Los Angeles and beyond. Bonanza joined the jet-age in 1965. In 1968 they merged with Pacific Airlines and West Coast Air Lines to form Air West

Bonanza DC-9-11 N945L delivered in 1966
Bonanza DC-9-11 N945L delivered in 1965
DC-9 -11

Bonanza added the Fairchild F-27 to their fleet in 1959. The Fairchild F-27 was a U.S. built version of the Dutch built Fokker F27 Friendship. (BELOW) Bonaza F-27 over Hoover Dam near Las Vegas

DC-9 -11
DC-9 -11
Bettina Sparkles, Bonanza Fairchild F27
Bettina Sparkles, Bonanza Fairchild F27

Bettina ‘Sparkles’ Obernuefemann

Author Bettina Sparkles shares her introspection about life during WWII in Europe while growing up with a domineering mother. After moving to America, she found her dream job as a stewardess and gives the scoop of airline life from days gone by

Bonanza Palm Springs 1962 Advert

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Bonanza Douglas DC-3
Bonanza F-27 at Las Vegas McCarran

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