Classic Airline Interiors Trivia -- Know Your Interiors?

Airline cabin interiors have been evolving and updating since the beginning of passenger service. With every design innovation came new colors, fabrics and layouts. Do you remember them in any way?

Take this quiz and find out. Share your score with your friends! Difficulty Level: MEDIUM-HIGH. Take your time. Answers are revealed immediately. No timer here. Have fun. Good Luck!


Hey, You’re a First Class Traveller…Way to go, Get yourself a Drink!

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Nice try Coach-Cabin Passenger! Try Again…

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#1. Clean, classy and sophisticated, whos interior is this?

#2. This cozy, spacious lounge was which airline?

#3. This sunset theme went with which airline?

#4. This flashback layout is very inviting. Did we mention that orange was popular back then? Which airline?

#5. This generous airline adorned its interiors with bright colors. Which airline?

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#6. Red-Orange coach seats and wide red/white hues on their first class seats. Which airline was this?

#7. This is no football field. Which airline looked like this?

#8. This very inviting interior belonged to which airline?

#9. Delightfully colorful and cozy. Whos fantastic layout is this?

#10. Whos groovy lounge and interior is this?

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#11. This uber-groovy interior screams 1970s all day long. Which airline?

#12. Whoa! My eyes! Who threw-up all these colors in this cozy interior?

#13. These simple earthtones are very inviting, whos interior?

#14. Brown earthones and calming colors where designed for which airline?

#15. Sophisticated and brightly lit, whos interior is this?

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