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I’d also like to highlight some of the outstanding contributors and supporters that have graciously contributed to Vintage Airliners through the years.

Content Contributors

Jose R. Santiago

Former Air Force. Eastern Air Lines insider and collector.Also, the very first VA contributor

Michael Prophet

Formerly with KLM, Experienced aviation photographer in Holland. SEE WEBSITE

Dave Hunt

Experienced Traveller, Enthusiast and Collector

Jean-Louis Delezenne

Former AOM Employee at LAX. Current publisher and collector SEE WEBSITE

Stephan J. Cox

Airline Historian

Ron Monroe

Experienced aviation photographer here in the U.S. SEE WEBSITE

Kenny Ganz

Experienced photographer here in the U.S. SEE WEBSITE

Erik Simonsen

Experienced aviation photographer here in the U.S. SEE WEBSITE

Ryan Bomar

Aviation Media Publisher and Blogger SEE CHANNEL

Peter Morris

Aviation Photographer in England

Christoph Hunziker

Aviation enthusiast and collector


One special contributor of great content has chosen to remain anonymous


Jeremy Zeltzer | Scott Kerhaert  |  Geoffrey Thomas | Chandanjyoti Gohain  |  Wayne Brown  |  Axel J  |  JW Jets  |  Dave Harris  |  Teva Bruce  |  Jon Siva  |  Philippe Nicholson | Tom LaPrise | Patrick Boulton | Mark EwingChow | Carl Reese (former Safety Card designer/publisher)

the Late: Don Boyd and Christian Bryan

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discontinued. now 1 man band. no help to keep this going


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