The Tragedy of Flight 103: the Inside Story (FULL MOVIE) FOR A LIMITED TIME!

December 21st 1988, London Heathrow was almost full to capacity with passengers heading home to begin their festive celebrations, in a sleepy Scottish town far away from the hustle and bustle of London the residents were also settling down as the festive celebrations were in full swing. At 19:03pm international air travel would be changed forever and permanently cast an image of horror, sorrow & loss on an almighty scale. This 1990 docudrama starring Ned Beatty looks at all aspects of security and safety behind the scenes at the headquarters of an international airline, and what could have been very different that cold night in December had certain things been implemented correctly beforehand for all those involved in the tragic events that unfolded that night in what has become known all around the world simply as “Lockerbie” — Phillip Nicholson

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