Korean Air Flight 902, Soviets Shoot Down Passenger Plane

Korean Air Flight 902 was a routine flight between Paris and Seoul (via Anchorage), when on April 20, 1978, the flight crew inadvertently flew the craft into Soviet airspace. Further errors in identification and communications between the Flight 902’s crew and air defense led to the 707 being shot down by an air-to-air missile from a Soviet fighter. The Korean  flight crew were able to land their damaged 707 on a frozen lake; 107 passengers and crew survived and were eventually deported to South Korea.

The Soviet fighter pilot shot off two R-60 missiles; one of which did not make contact, the other impacted the left wing. That hit took out part of the wing and blew shrapnel holes into the fuselage, causing a rapid  decompression of the cabin.  — Stephan J. Cox

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