From 1951 to 1975, Air Viet Nam (Air VN) (Vietnamese: Hãng Hàng không Việt Nam) was South Vietnam’s first commercial air carrier, headquartered in District 1, Saigon. Established and partially financed under Emperor Bảo Đại, the airline flew over one million passengers, including during the Vietnam War, before its collapse due to Fall of Saigon. Air Vietnam aircraft generally had a single or dual green stripe down the main fuselage. The top fuselage was generally white with a natural metal (silver) lower. The colorful dragon/flag roundel appeared in various sizes, most often on the tail rudder. Sometimes the roundel would appear alone and occasionally with a dual green stripe. The wording “Air Viet Nam” appeared in red/orange lettering above the windows on all large aircraft except the 727s, which were marked “Hang Không Viet Nam” – Drew Pritt
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