Northwest Orient Cargo 747-251F

Northwest Cargo was the largest cargo carrier among combination passenger and cargo airlines. Dedicated cargo flights connected Asia with the United States and Amsterdam via their hub at Anchorage, Alaska. Northwest Cargo ceased operations in December of 2009, during NWA’s merger with Delta — Stephan J. Cox

PHOTO UPPER LEFT – On our Facebook page, Brian White writes, This is Mt Baker. I was onboard the jet helicopter with the photographer when he took this photo. This photo shoot was arranged by Boeing before NWA took delivery of their first 747 freighter. NWA Vice President Bryan Moon was also with us (I was a guest of Mr. Moon). Mr. Moon was scheduled to fly back to Seatac from Paine Field on the helicopter, but when we were back on the ground after the shoot, a white-faced Bryan Moon asked me if I would be able to give him a ride to Seatac in my AMC Gremlin. Turns out, he was terrified of flying in small craft. A couple years later, he overcame his fear by taking fixed-wing glider lessons while he and his wife were on vacation in Hawaii.

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