Folding Instructions

Here’s what you need to get flying! For each fold, you will turn-over the paper faced-down.


Wht Glue



STEP 1 : Turn your paper face-down, fold both NUMBER 1 LINES. Make a tight crease. Repeat tight creases for every fold.

STEP 2 : Same as step-1 with paper face-down, fold both NUMBER 2 LINES. Make a tight crease the entire length.

STEP 3 : Fold the Horizontal LINE 3 up and over into a cone-shape, onto the folded areas.

STEP 4 : Flip the paper back over with the face-up. Line 4 requires you to fold the entire plane in half, including the LINE3 cone.

STEP 5 : Fold each of LINE 5 to create the wings on either side. Now that your plane is complete, add a touch of glue in the nose area to keep odd-folds from disrupting air-flow. Press the nose closed until it dries.

STEP 6 : Cut the sides of each flap. Bend each flap upwards lightly (not like our photo). You can adjust the flaps according to your area of flight. Keep both flaps equal in attitude or your plane will turn. Have Fun!

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