Scandinavian Airlines SAS Airbus A300

February 17th marked the 40th anniversary of SAS beginning service with their Airbus A300s

SAS’s A300s were unusual because they were the only A300 B2 / B4 aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney JT9Ds. All other A300 B2 / B4s were powered by General Electric CF6s. After Jan Carlzon became SAS’s president, he grounded the A300s in 1983, because he felt SAS would be more profitable by offering frequent flights with DC-9s and MD-80s instead of less frequent flights with A300s. SAS’s A300s went to their charter affiliate, Scanair, in 1984  —  Anonymous Contributor

SAS Airbus A300
SAS A300 Inaugural Postage Envelope
SAS A300 Inaugural Postage Envelope

SAS 1981 Fleet
SAS's fleet, from their 1981 annual report
SAS A300 is in the background, from BA's 1983 annual report, with a brand new BA 757 next to it

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