the Airlines and American Football

Each season, professional football teams need a way of getting together to play their games, and the airlines play the biggest role in making that happen. Through the decades the Clubs and Airlines have chartered thousands of flights and flown thousands of passengers to football games across the globe. Some airlines created advertising campaigns, and adorned aircraft with insignias amd mascots to highlight one of Americas favorite sports. Here is a small collection of these campaigns.

United Airlines 1969 NFL Advert
United Airlines 1969 NFL Advert
United Airlines 1965 NFL Advert
United Airlines NFL 1970 Commercial


Pan AM was among the largest sponsors of the short-lived USFL Football League in the early 1980s.

Pan Am USFL 1980s

NFL Game of the Week, on American American Airlines sponsored NFL San Jose Mercury News, 1978 newspaper ad for NFL Game of The Week. Passengers where shown highlights right through the Super Bowl. It’s no surprise, since American pioneered in-flight entertainment with theirAstrocolor, Astrovision system, installed on some 707 jets over a decade before — Dave Hunt


Alaska Airlines Seahawks

Alaska Airlines famous Seahawk 1 Departing LAX -- Ryan Bomar
TWA Rams

TWA B727 St Louis Rams 1998 -- Just Planes
Seahawks DC-9

Seattle Seahawks DC-9-15 departing Burbank early 1990s – Ryan Bomar


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