the First Airbus Jet Airliner

The first airplane from Airbus was the A300, a two engine wide-body jet-airliner developed and manufactured by multiple European Nations. The first flight took place in October 1972.

Airbus A300 Customer Mock-up Interior

(BELOW) Members of the press inspect the engines on this Airbus A300B1 on the inaugural demonstration visit to Midway, Chicago– showing it’s short field capabilities, thus becoming the largest aircraft to land at midway, 1973

(BELOW) Airbus A300 Demonstrator in Chicago 1973

Eastern Air Lines was the first American Company to fly the Airbus A300. American Airlines flew the A300 until mid 2000’s. Below is an Easter A300 over Toulouse, France

EAL A-300 over France still bearing the french registration F-WUAT -- Jose R Santiago Collection
(LEFT) Airbus A300 Demonstrator Climbout from Chicago Midway 1973 (RIGHT) Stewardess apart of the Demonstration Crew in Chicago 1973


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