BRANIFF FIRST CLASS 1965 – The revolutionary Braniff International End of the Plain Plane Campaign of 1965 brought many changes to the Dallas based carrier including a complete overhaul of inflight meals and services. This fantastic culinary delight was the hallmark of Braniff’s Domestic First Class service beginning in 1965. Braniff’s new First Class Menu’s included Breast of Pheasant, Trout Almondine, hot savories, colorful salads, and fresh fruits. Drinks included Champagne and coffee with a perfect dessert of French Pastry topped with whipped cream. It was a sight for the eyes and a delight for the stomach. In this 1965 promotional photo, the various Alexander Girard designed accouterments add to the exciting elegance of Braniff First Class. The Alexander Girard Red and Red Striped Transportation Cloth on the seats is colorful and exciting only adding to the beauty of a Braniff International flight. Photo: Braniff/BFC Collection

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