The Way Of The Future

by Phillip Nicholson

From its humble beginnings in 1928, LAX was simply known as Mines Field- when it was nothing more than a dirt strip in the middle of a hayfield. The idea to host the National Air Races is what placed the location firmly on the property map of LA. Since then, Los Angeles International Airport officially given that title in 1930, has grown considerably in size. By 1946 a new terminal to accommodate the airlines switched to four-engine aircraft had replaced the previous two hangars built on receivership of its new name in 1930. By 1958 the mammoth task of building the new Jet Age terminal was well underway and on completion. In June 1961, it was officially dedicated by Vice President Lyndon Johnson.

The documentary is narrated by Henry. G Bakes the very first Los Angeles Department of Airports employee and Director of Airport Operations when the video was produced, he takes you on an access all areas tour of how one of the worlds busiest airports operated back in the 60s. Extremely interesting to watch and some of the factoids shared with you as a viewer were riveting and certainly something you wouldn’t even think of as you arrived at the airport, checked in and made your way to the lounges or one of its many fine dining experiences. I think my favourite choice would have been the Sky-High restaurant within the airports unique parabolic arches, complete with 85ft observation deck on its roof. The footage from the first opening seconds is captivating as we are treated to the smoky departure of a Japan Air Lines DC8, and as the film progresses we see the graceful arrival of American Airlines 707’s, taxiing TWA L-1049 Constellations, BOAC 707’s in flight, SAS DC8’s being prepped for departure and many more classic birds of yesteryear. It truly is a enjoyable viewing experience from start to finish and I implore you to take half an hour and watch the film, you won’t be disappointed!

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