VASP–Viação Aérea São Paulo

VASP–Viação Aérea São Paulo –was founded by the State Government of São Paulo in
1933, and publicly-run until 1990. Their main hubs were in São Paulo at
Guarulhos and Congonhas, from which they operated domestic services,
international flights to the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and even the famous “Ponte Aerea” joint service to Rio de Janeiro.

was once second only to VARIG in the Brazilian airline industry’s
market share, and a transference to, private-sector ownership led to
tremendous expansion, but also to financial issues stemming from
inefficiency and mismanagement. The carrier scaled back to domestic
operations in 2004 before being grounded by the Brazilian government a
year later. Afterward, VASP would carry out only contract maintenance
operations until declaring bankruptcy in 2008. Their legacy remained as
abandoned, badly-weathered planes parked at Congonhas Airport – Stephan J. Cox & (Alcides Lages)



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