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SABENA Belgian World Airline B747-100 Retirement

Final commercial flight of the Sabena Boeing 747-129C, registration OO-SGA – even Jack Steiner from the Boeing company says goodbye to an era of luxury upper deck service!

Sabena was one of the first airlines to order the Boeing 747-100. Two Jumbojets with Pratt & Whitney JT9D-3 engines is taken.

By: Spillebeen69

A total of 361 passengers could be carried, 32 First class and 329 Economy. In Combi use 246 passengers and 6 palettes

After more than 20 years of service and more than 94,794 flying hours to here name (a record according to Boeing) The aircraft had a total of 17682 start and landings made.

“Aunt Agatha” waited on Brussels tarmac for a potential buyer which was not found, a solution in form of being used as restaurant also failed as “not transportable” so demolition was the final fate. The giant queen was scrapped at Zaventem on December 3 1994 the demolition was completed by December 13 1994

OO-SGA: c/n20401
November 25 1970 Delivery at Everett
November 26 1970 First arrival at Brussels
January 8 1971 First commercial flight BRU-JFK
January-March 1974 Converted to 747-129 SCD (Side Cargo Door) Upper Deck receives 10 windows instead of 3 windows – each side
February 28 1993 Last commercial flight JFK-BRU
March 26 1993 Last flight, farewell ? ORY-BRU

OO-SGB: c/n20402
November 20 1970 First flight at Everett
December 4/18 1970 Delivery at Brussels
February 16 1971 First commercial flight
July 26 1985 Sold to Tokyo leasing company, re-leased to Sabena
September 30 1990 Removed from registry – sold to United Aviation Services Inc.

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